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Queens Theatre in the Park Addition

Queens, New York

The Queens Theatre in the Park renovation and construction project involved additions to the theater house, enhancements to the entrance and reception hall, as well as improvements to a 600-person pre-performance gathering area. A cabaret space capable of accommodating 90 people and new offices were also constructed.

The project included the creation of a glass cylindrical structure to complement the existing theater. This was meticulously constructed by installing more than 5,000 separate and unique glass panels. The panels were then connected using aluminum fins projected at each vertical joint, creating the impression of a round spiraling form. The interior ceiling plane is an inverted gypsum dome, which was clad in acoustic plaster over sound insulation.

The building’s energy efficiency was enhanced by installing gas-filled insulated glazing units with low-E coatings to reduce solar heat gain. Silicone sealant joints were used instead of metal mullion caps and laminated outer glass lights allowed for a larger unit size and help protect against vandalism.

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