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Reptile Wing Reconstruction

Staten Island, New York

Located in the Staten Island Zoo, the Carl F. Kauffeld Hall of Reptiles houses a world-renowned collection of 200 species of reptiles. Our team reconstructed the building that serves as the new main entrance to the expanded reptile and amphibian exhibit area. The curvilinear building form utilized patterned brickwork and metal roofing to create a distinctive focal point to the institution.

The renovation spanned two levels and featured the creation of new space for natural habitat replicas, animal support areas and interactive exhibitions, as well as auditorium, classroom and staff support spaces.

The project incorporated high-performance building standards for energy reduction, and improvements in air quality and sustainable materials. Among the energy-efficient measures, the exhibition spaces and zookeeper work areas were constructed to take advantage of natural light from windows, skylights and clerestories. In addition, most of the materials used throughout the project were made with recycled content. Many display caseworks were made using bamboo materials.

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