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West 59th Street Transfer Station

New York, New York

Our team is conducting a comprehensive rehabilitation of the West 59th Street Marine Transfer Station at Pier 99, for the Department of Sanitation of New York. A marine project that is being conducted over water, the rehabilitation will extend the facility’s life for the next 20 years and involves refurbishing the existing 51,000 square-foot pier building, including the Operations Building interiors. This includes under pier work such as repairing pile caps, bents and pedestals, underwater epoxy encapsulation of deteriorating piles, pile replacement, and replacing fishplates and pile wrapping. Existing fender piles are also being removed and replaced, along with wales chocks and hardware.

The pier structure’s exterior cladding, including metal wall, roof panel and translucent panel wall systems, are being recoated, while drop-in, watertight flood barriers are being installed in front of the station doors. Also, a new egress corridor, stairs, cross-platform, service water hose reels and piping are under construction. Other critical infrastructure improvements will include replacing the fire suppression system throughout the entire pier structure, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems upgrades. A backup generator and room are being added on the pier level where it is open to the river. Additionally, a new exit passageway is being constructed and the existing exit passageway renovated, along with a new fire escape corridor along the north side of the pier to allow personnel to safely return to the shore in the event of a fire. The facility will become fully sprinklered, with flood protection on all access points on the pier level. The exterior walls and roof of the building will be repainted, along with the restoration of the translucent wall panels on the entire south face.

Additionally, the Operations Building Center is in the process of being gutted and rebuilt to meet the new requirements of operations and its personnel, providing new office layouts, lockers, shower rooms and lunch room.

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